CVS/caremark, the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) and mail service pharmacy division of CVS Health, provides a full range of PBM services, including mail service pharmacy offerings, plan design and administration, formulary management, discounted drug purchase arrangements, Medicare Part D services, retail pharmacy network management services, prescription management systems, clinical services and disease management services. Our clients are primarily employers, health insurance companies, unions, government employee groups, managed care organizations and other sponsors of health benefit plans throughout the United States.

As a pharmacy benefits manager, we manage the dispensing of pharmaceuticals through our mail service pharmacies and national network of nearly 68,000 retail pharmacies (which includes our CVS/pharmacy stores, other national and regional chain pharmacies and the majority of community-based independent pharmacies) to eligible members in the benefit plans maintained by our clients. We utilize our information systems to perform, among other things, safety checks, drug interaction screenings and appropriate brand to generic substitutions.

Online prescription management tools, pharmacy services and health care information for our mail service and specialty pharmacy customers and clients can be found at