Specialty pharmacy

CVS Specialty provides specialty pharmacy services for patients who require treatment for rare or complex conditions.

With Specialty Connect, patients with complex conditions can receive medications via mail or at CVS Pharmacy.

Specialty Connect™ offers patients choice and flexibility in how they access their specialty medications, while providing centralized, expert clinical support.

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MyHealth Teams makes it easier for patients to connect and share information.

CVS Specialty believes in the power of connecting people who are living with chronic conditions. Through a collaboration with MyHealth Teams, we’re making it easier for patients to connect, share and learn from others.

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Accordant leads the way in disease management and case management for those with rare conditions.

Accordant Health Services is a recognized leader in delivering disease management and case management services for people with rare chronic conditions.

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Features, Stories and Updates

CVS Health RxZERO Solution Eliminates Member Out-of-Pocket Costs for Diabetes Medications
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Why Building Trust is Key to Delivering Crucial Care to Pharmacy Patients
One of our clinical pharmacists shares a recent diabetes patient success story that demonstrates the importance of relationship-building in her work.
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Supporting the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
This World AIDS Day, we’re recognizing the progress made in the fight against the disease by teaming up with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help further reduce the spread of the HIV virus.
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A photo showing a doctor putting hand on patient’s shoulder.
Accordant: Holistic Support for Patients with Complex Conditions
The medical director for our Accordant program writes about the importance of comprehensive care for patients with rare or complex conditions and the difference these services can make.
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A patient and a caregiver sitting on a sofa.
Improving the Infusion Therapy Experience with Coram
Our Vice President for CVS Specialty Coram Infusion Services recently wrote about the benefits and value of receiving infusion therapy at home.
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Streamlining Prescription Onboarding with Specialty Expedite
This new solution will help patients with complex conditions get the medications they need more quickly and efficiently, with the aim of ultimately improving adherence rates.
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