Making prescription drugs more affordable

The rising cost of prescription drugs is a growing concern, especially for those who depend on their medications to stay healthy. Prescription drug spending is only expected to increase with the specialty drug market predicted to grow to $373 billion in 2025. As more therapies come to market, they offer new options for patients who previously might not have any treatments available for their condition or haven’t found the right medication that works for them — this has been true for conditions such as migraines and weight loss. However, new-to-market treatments can also increase overall drug costs, adding more pressure on consumers. For example, autoimmune conditions were the greatest contributor to specialty growth, accounting for 54% of all specialty utilization trend.

Lowering the cost of prescription drugs

That’s why we’re committed to working with employers and health plans to make prescription drugs more affordable. From ensuring appropriate treatment use to negotiating with drug manufacturers for the lowest prices, we use every tool possible to increase member affordability — and our Drug Trend Report proves that we can deliver. In fact, we delivered an overall drug trend of 2.4% for our clients.

Through our clinical-first approach, innovative new programs and digital tools, we’ve kept out-of-pocket costs low, consistently lowered member cost share and passed millions of savings on to members. We’re proud of the work we do — and we invite you to dive deeper into how CVS Health partners with employers and health plans to lower costs and makes prescription drugs more accessible and affordable for members.