Accordant: Holistic Support for Patients with Complex Conditions

A photo of a doctor putting hand on patient’s shoulder.

Managing rare or complex conditions can often be challenging for patients. They can feel overwhelmed by the condition, medication side effects, complex dosage instructions, comorbidities, complicated provider directions, and experience challenges trying to navigate the health care system.

Health plans and employers, can adopt and offer our Accordant program for their plan members. Accordant provides holistic support for patients with rare conditions through targeted interventions designed to meet each patient’s unique needs.

The specialized care team is composed of registered nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and a medical director – all backed by a medical advisory board. These skilled practitioners set mutually agreed-upon health goals with the patient, discuss symptom management, explain proper use of medications, and even deal with resource issues such as lack of transportation to doctors’ appointments or cost of care. In addition, social workers help patients with community resources such as negotiating utility bill payments, identifying support groups, and grants for home modifications.

In a recent Blue Cross Blue Shield blog post, Accordant Medical Director Dr. Andrew Krueger discusses the importance of comprehensive care management services for patients with complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis and the difference this kind of care can make.