Aetna Medicare — The human connection

A group of 5 senior citizens gather around a tablet.

Serving the growing Medicare market remains an important part of CVS Health’s business. So, making a connection with Medicare-eligible members is critical. The Aetna Medicare team has a number of innovative strategies to do just that. In this video, we look at two of those strategies — "We Speak Human" and Songs 4 Seniors.

We Speak Human works to improve the member experience

Aetna Medicare created a team called “We Speak Human” that is focused on improving the Medicare member experience by communicating in ways that are easy to understand.

“We want our members to understand the plan and the benefits that they’re selecting and how to use them, so that they can really take care of themselves when and where they need it,” said Christopher Ciano, President of Aetna Medicare.
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One way the team is improving the member experience is by redesigning materials. By removing jargon, adding graphics and making materials easier to navigate, the team is creating a sense of trust and connection between Aetna and its members. The materials are already getting great reviews, like these ratings for the pilot of new plan-specific web pages:

  • 91% found plan information more easily

  • 86% could successfully complete tasks and questions

Songs 4 Seniors creates community through music


Music is another way the company is connecting with seniors. Aetna Medicare teamed up with Aetna Community Affairs to create Songs 4 Seniors, a program that’s aimed at using music to spark connection among seniors.

With many seniors feeling lonely, this program looks to create community by using music to encourage social interaction.

“It creates conversation within their circles to talk about the music and what type of impression it left upon them, how it touched them,” said Andre Dowell, Chief of Artist Engagement, Sphinx Organization, which manages the program.

You can check out Songs 4 Seniors on Aetna’s YouTube channel.