Bringing back large-scale events with the help of COVID-19 testing

James Margiotta, Senior Vice President, CVS Health

Live events can be a powerful engagement tool. After two years of virtual interactions, many of us are eager to return to the collaborative and interactive environment in-person gatherings provide. But as the pandemic transitions to an endemic, the evolving protocols required to gather people together safely are presenting new challenges for event organizers.

CVS Health been a leader in pandemic response since the first cases of COVID-19 emerged. Whether through COVID-19 testing or vaccinations, customers and patients have received care from our 100,000 health care professionals. In 2021 alone, our company administered 32 million COVID-19 tests and 59 million COVID-19 vaccinations. And, we continue to be a trusted resource for companies looking to ensure their employees are safe when attending employer-sponsored events.

We know that companies have several factors to consider as they evaluate how to safely hold in-person meetings, and the number of decisions required to build the right protocols and coordinate across organizers, vendors and participants can be overwhelming. In addition, attendees expect thoughtful strategies that consider all possible scenarios as we continue to navigate COVID-19.

That’s why CVS Health built Return Ready for Events, an evolution of our Return Ready offering announced in June 2020 designed to help bring employees back to the workplace safely. With this new program, we are able to tap our knowledge and experience from the last two years to provide a comprehensive, on-site rapid COVID-19 testing solutions that help organizations bring teams back together at large-scale events.

Through Return Ready for Events, groups hosting large gatherings work side-by-side with our team to develop an effective and appropriate testing strategy based on their specific and unique logistical needs. Armed with these insights, the Return Ready team can deliver:

Flexible testing solutions

Choose the testing options that work best for your event:

  • On-site one-day or multi-day testing

  • Rapid PCR or rapid antigen test results in minutes

  • Bulk ordering of at-home COVID-19 test kits

We work with you to configure the best testing solution.

End-to-end testing execution

A team of CVS Health professionals will help you configure, set up, manage and maintain your event testing solution from beginning to end. In addition, we provide an implementation toolkit with turnkey communication language for event attendees and staff.

Comprehensive reporting

Our digital reporting and analytics allow you to monitor, manage, control and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 at your event. We comply with all state and federal reporting requirements

Everyone will have different comfort levels as they return to large-scale events, but with Return Ready’s dynamic solutions, people can find reassurance knowing their experience is supported by the latest COVID-19 testing technology and clinical protocols.

Return Ready has already helped over 200 testing clients since the start of the pandemic and performed COVID-19 testing at many different types of gatherings over the past two years, including industry conferences, board meetings, film productions, major sporting events and political fundraisers – ranging from just a few hundred to thousands of attendees.

As organizations continue to navigate this rapidly changing environment, CVS Health is ready to support people’s health by bringing safe and effective testing options to communities, workplaces and in-person events.

Visit Return Ready by CVS Health® for events to start designing your testing experience today.