CVS Health pharmacists use innovative tool to help improve members’ health care journey

A pharmacist and member talk at a CVS Pharmacy counter

In their frontline roles providing care in the community, pharmacists often are on a first-name basis with their patients and are among the most trusted health care providers in the country. In fact, according to CVS Health’s 2021 Health Care Insights Study, the majority of respondents said they would always/often follow health recommendations from their pharmacist.

Today, thanks to an innovative care tool known as the Pharmacist Panel, CVS Health pharmacists use individualized clinical insights derived from our analytics engine, enabling real-time coaching and counseling for select Aetna and Caremark members. The Pharmacist Panel can drive 4% incremental gaps in care closure for medication-related interventions

Relationships are the foundation

The Pharmacist Panel brings together the power of the pharmacist-patient relationship, data analytics and AI to identify ways to close care gaps for Aetna and Caremark members. The program, which features a personalized consultation with the pharmacist, also may help lower medical costs over time

Trained pharmacists in all CVS Pharmacy locations can use the Pharmacist Panel to help them provide appropriate counsel to patients, either in store or by phone. For example, the Pharmacist Panel may prompt the pharmacist to:

  • Suggest ways to optimize medications to boost adherence

  • Recommend vaccines, screenings, labs and lifestyle changes

  • Connect the member to other resources within their health plan, such as care management and prescription home delivery

A CVS Health pharmacist in New York recently used Pharmacist Panel to support a member with a history of asthma. The pharmacist talked to the member about the potential benefits of a rescue inhaler, who in turn agreed to allow the pharmacist to reach out to her doctor to discuss whether a prescription was needed.

By building on the connection between pharmacists and patients and utilizing data insights to identify opportunities to improve care, the Pharmacist Panel program adds a powerful layer of member support to CVS Health’s existing clinical programs. It represents another important way we help people during moments that matter in their health care journey.

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