Ethan’s disability is his advantage

Ethan and Brandon have a special bond

Legally blind since early childhood and having to walk with a support cane in his right hand and the harness of his “Guiding Eyes” black Labrador, Brandon, in the other, Ethan Holliger has made it his mission to build websites that help all people experience ease and efficiency.

After graduating from the University of Toledo with a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering Technology, Ethan enrolled in the Blind Institute of Technology (BIT) Academy in Denver, Colorado. Following graduation from BIT, he found a perfect job at CVS Health – joining the Accessibility Engineering Solutions team.

“The specific focal point of our work,” Ethan explains, “is building web digital experiences that allow people faster, more reliable and accessible ways to schedule such things as vaccinations, prescription renewals and online orders.”

With the onset of the pandemic and more and more customers and patients now seeking online opportunities, their work has become increasingly valuable.

Ethan and Brandon have a special bond
"Joining CVS Health was a great opportunity to enhance my career."

“It’s a priority for us to make the process as simple, accessible and personalized as possible for the millions of people who count on CVS every day for their virtual health care needs,” says Ethan.

So, how does Ethan navigate what he can’t easily see? “I have a screen reader on my computer that reads the text to me wherever I move the arrow up, down and sideways. I don’t need a Braille keyboard because I have full command of the keys,” he explains.

Mike Hess, executive director at BIT Academy proudly points to Ethan as an example of what his students can accomplish. “Ethan’s success story at CVS Health is a shining example of how a visually impaired engineer can become a technology rock star.”

“It's amazing having someone with Ethan's background on our team because he brings a real depth of perspective as a user of assistive technology,” adds Ryan Brady, Ethan’s manager. “It's just icing on the cake that Ethan is the nicest guy you'll ever meet, and he’s always willing to make time to help with any project you throw his way. My team wouldn’t be complete without him.”

“I hope my story inspires others with disabilities to go for it and succeed,” shares Ethan as Brandon, seemingly in agreement, puts a gentle paw on Ethan’s knee.

Sometimes heroes are not visible. And sometimes heroes build websites they can’t easily see themselves, but that make it easier for the rest of us. Thank you, Ethan, for being that hero.

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