Helping patients access the right medicine at the right price

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Serving as a trusted partner to many of America’s leading employers, health plans and government programs, we value our role in keeping their members – totaling approximately 100 million people – on their prescription drug therapies as prescribed by their doctors. Every day, we’re able to accomplish this with tools and solutions that empower patients to access the most effective treatment at the lowest possible cost.

At a time when our health care system is facing many strains, including increased financial and economic pressures for our clients, delivering drug costs savings is critical. Without access to medicines, we know this: Patients get sicker, they need more care – and ultimately – health care costs increase for everyone. That’s why we remain laser-focused on getting patients their medicines and care in a way that is personalized, convenient and – above all – affordable.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and as we continue to navigate it together for the foreseeable future, we’re working as a consultative partner to our clients in helping ensure that their drug benefit plans keep their members adherent and healthy.

What we do every day – and accomplish for our clients – doesn’t change in the face of this pandemic, but its importance is now greater than ever.

We’ll remain focused on four key areas as we deliver drug cost savings:

Prescription medicines are the most cost-effective part of our health care ecosystem, but they’re only clinically effective if patients can access them. We keep patients adherent and healthy by ensuring they can access the medicine that will deliver the best outcome at the most efficient cost. 

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Because no two clients’ needs are the same, we customize our services to deliver the greatest value to both clients and their unique member populations. As our clients face the economic realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re providing solutions that better support adherence.

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For patients, especially those living with complex or chronic illnesses, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of medicines is crucial to their overall health and well-being. We’re staying one step ahead to ensure patients who rely on medicines will always have an adequate supply.

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Patients now require health care solutions at the palm of their hand and in their home. We’re leveraging our tools and services to ensure that patients can continue to get their medicines and care without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.

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