Introducing ScriptSync™

ScriptSync™, a new pharmacy service, enables patients and caregivers with multiple maintenance medications to pick up all of their eligible prescriptions at the same time in a monthly CVS Pharmacy® visit.

It’s simple to get started. Patients or their caregivers can enroll at their local CVS Pharmacy, and work with their pharmacist to align prescription fills and determine the best pickup date. Once aligned, they can then manage their prescriptions at the pharmacy or online on the CVS Pharmacy website. The easy-to-use online support tools allow patients to view their prescription information, add or remove prescriptions from their ScriptSync order, and confirm or change their ScriptSync pickup date.

Increasing convenience, making adherence easier

By aligning prescription fill schedules and reducing the number of monthly trips to the pharmacy, we aim to make it easier and more convenient for patients to take their medications as prescribed. In fact, CVS Health research shows that helping patients simplify, synchronize and organize their pharmacy care can improve their adherence.

The free ScriptSync service is available in all CVS Pharmacy stores and will be expanded to CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy in 2016.

To learn more, talk with your pharmacist or visit ScriptSync on CVS Pharmacy’s website.

ScriptSync calendar graphic