Our mission to transform kidney care

Harold Broadway shows off his many medals from his time in the service.

As a younger man, Harold Broadway served 13 months in Vietnam. “After that, I went to Alaska and stayed two years,” he says. He’s dreamed of returning there. 

When Harold was diagnosed with kidney disease, those plans were called into doubt. The doctor told him, “You're not quite at the dialysis level, but you are headed that way.”

According to the National Kidney Foundation, Harold is one of 37 million Americans living with chronic kidney disease. One of the biggest obstacles to treatment is that nine out of 10 patients don't even know they have it.https://www.cdc.gov/kidneydisease/publications-resources/ckd-national-facts.html#:~:text=As%20many%20as%209%20in,not%20know%20they%20have%20CKD.

Following his diagnosis, Harold started taking steps to preserve his kidney health and became a CVS Kidney Care Management Program member.

Reimagining kidney care

CVS Health is on an ambitious mission to transform kidney health by improving early access to care, providing more options to treat patients at home and addressing social determinants of health that can affect underserved populations, says Dr. Bruce Culleton, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at CVS Kidney Care.

“CVS Kidney Care is reimagining kidney health through the eyes of the patient,” Dr. Culleton says. “By providing early, meaningful care management through our Kidney Health program and making home dialysis more and more accessible, we can improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for more people living with kidney disease.”

A scrapbook photograph shows a younger Harold Broadway in his uniform standing in front of a tree.

A key element of patient-centered care is treating more kidney disease patients in the comfort of their homes.

Home-first options offer more frequent, comfortable dialysis experiences and provide other significant benefits to kidney patients and their caregivers, such as scheduling flexibility and improved mental health, he explains.

Another benefit: Home dialysis can be done when patients sleep, so their days are free.

“The future of kidney health, as with many aspects of patient care, is home-first,” Dr. Culleton says.

To that end, CVS Kidney Care is introducing in-home innovations, such as home dialysis services, and eventually — pending successful completion of a current clinical trial and regulatory approval — a new home hemodialysis device to save patients the trip to a dialysis center.

That impact is already being felt by patients like Harold, who, with help from CVS Kidney Care, made progress in improving his kidney health.

“It means the world to me,” Harold says. “I feel prepared for the future, and so I'll be able to go to Alaska now.”