Secure the supply of medicines

For patients, especially those living with complex or chronic illnesses, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of needed medications is crucial to their care. In the face of the enormous pressure the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on the U.S. health care system, our responsibility to ensure members have affordable access to the medications they need – when they need them – is critical.

From the onset of the pandemic, we’ve adapted our business practices to maintain the services that our clients and more than 100 million Americans depend on. We recognize that for someone living with a condition, such as lupus or asthma, going without a medication can create negative and costly consequences. 

Monitoring prescription supply to meet member needs

The current landscape has required the drug supply chain to be more responsive and effective. We work across the supply chain to carefully monitor prescription availability, potential shortages and spikes in demand. This way, we can stay one step ahead of utilization trends to help ensure that people have access to the medicines needed to manage their health and avoid costly complications down the road.

Using predictive analytics, we can monitor prescription usage trends and adapt drug supplies as needed. 

Moving forward, it will be important to use these analytics not only to understand supply and demand trends but analyze where pharmaceutical ingredients are coming from. Early in the pandemic, we shifted our practices to account for COVID-19 spikes in locations like Northern Italy, India and China, which are central to the pharmaceutical supply chain.