Taking control of diabetes with HealthHUB

HealthHUB, our first-of-its-kind concept store now open in select locations nationwide, connects patients with health care services, advice and personalized care right at their neighborhood CVS Pharmacy. 

This ease of accessibility was what prompted Luis to stop by his local HealthHUB to see someone about abdominal pain he was experiencing.

What he and the nurse practitioner discovered was that the issues he was having went beyond simple pain: He was diabetic, but wasn’t currently being treated for the condition. Within his 40-minute visit, the HealthHUB team set Luis up to meet with both an eye doctor and a dietician and he left with a treatment and management plan in place.

Watch the video to learn more about how Luis’s trip to his local HealthHUB got him back on track.

To learn more about our enterprise-wide approach to diabetes management and care, visit our Managing Diabetes with CVS Health page.