Transforming Health Care for Americans

At Town Hall Los Angeles, a public forum that has addressed key community issues for more than two decades, Larry Merlo, President and CEO of CVS Health, highlighted his vision for bringing transformative change to health care access and delivery. Merlo discussed how the combination of CVS Health and Aetna will help reduce the complexity and cost burdens that consumers face today when managing their health care. According to Merlo, the combined company has the potential to make health care easier to use and less expensive for the consumer by strengthening access to care locally, empowering a more connected health care system and helping to prevent and manage costly conditions. 

Expanding Health Care Access Locally 

One in three Americans view access to quality care as the most important health priority in their community. Furthermore, research shows that when people have regular access to primary care, it makes a positive, long-term difference in their health.  Merlo emphasized that the combined company will be able to offer many options to access care – whether in the community at retail pharmacies and clinics, in the home or through digital tools.

Of note, 70 percent of Americans live within three miles of a CVS Pharmacy. Our geographic footprint empowers our 36,000 pharmacists, physicians’ assistants and nurse practitioners who serve on the front lines of care every day – guiding patients on their medication needs and helping them manage care in between doctor visits.  

Merlo reinforced how CVS Health will continue to help fill care gaps between visits to the doctor, serving as a complement to traditional primary care. For example, about half of the people who walk into a MinuteClinic don’t have a primary care physician. Because of the company’s commitment to connecting patients to the right care at the right time, CVS Health has formed alliances with more than 70 major health systems across the country. 

A More Connected, Efficient Health Care System 

Patients often must carry medical records with them to the different sites where they receive care, making it difficult to get the full range of coordinated care they need. For people living with an ongoing disease, this is an area that requires improvement. Consider, for example, that a patient with diabetes will likely see an endocrinologist, a primary care physician and a pharmacist to manage their condition – all at separate sites of care. 

“Better connectivity is needed across the care continuum – at the provider’s office and in the home – to ensure earlier interventions and reduce the likelihood of hospital readmissions,” said Merlo. “By fully integrating Aetna’s medical information and analytics with CVS Health’s pharmacy data and community locations, we will enable more effective and preventative treatment of the whole patient.” 

Improving Health Outcomes and Lowering Costs

Last year, the United States spent $10,000 per person on health care. Yet, Americans at all socioeconomic levels are less healthy than people in other high-income countries. According to Merlo, a key goal of the CVS Health and Aetna combination is to improve population health and, in turn, lower costs through improved management of chronic disease.

More than half of all American adults live with one or more chronic diseases today, which accounts for 86 percent of health care spending.

“Through our expanded offerings, we’ll have a strengthened community presence with stores, pharmacists and retail clinic practitioners to provide consumers with preventative counseling and guidance,” said Merlo. “We’ll be there more frequently when consumers living with chronic diseases pick up their medicines – to talk with them face-to-face not just about managing their medications, but also how to better manage their health and well-being.”  

Merlo emphasized that CVS Health will also be expanding the use of digital tools to help manage conditions. These tools will help patients seamlessly monitor key indicators, such as blood glucose levels, and then follow-up via text message when results look concerning or require attention. 

Read a copy of Merlo’s remarks at Town Hall Los Angeles.

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