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CVS Health manages a variety of social media channels and works to establish informative, engaging, supportive communities where we can share information, listen to feedback, answer questions and be transparent about sharing information and providing our perspective.

In turn, we invite you to share questions, comments and feedback, including criticism. As we want this to be a safe and welcoming environment, we ask that you treat others with respect, even if disagreements occur. We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content posted to our pages, which may include personal attacks; posts that are offensive, disrespectful, abusive or threatening to others; posts that contain foul language, and content that may be confidential or irrelevant to the discussion at hand or to CVS Health or our offerings.

Remember that CVS Health social media channels are public forums and any information you share may be viewed by others and may be archived by various third parties. As such, CVS Health social media channels are not an appropriate place to discuss private health care issues or other subjects that could jeopardize your privacy and/or the privacy of others. Please do not publicly post personal details and information. CVS Health has no control over the policies and practices of third parties who might view this information.

The discussions and comments on CVS Health’s social media properties describe general principles of health care and should not in any event be construed as specific instructions for individual patients. This material is not intended to be a guide to self-treatment or as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is for reference only and should not be used to determine treatment for specific medical conditions — only a licensed health care provider can provide such guidance. Consult your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition you may be experiencing. Advances in medicine may cause the information on this site to become outdated, invalid or subject to debate. Professional opinions and interpretations of the scientific literature may vary. If you need to speak with a pharmacist for urgent matters, contact your local CVS Pharmacy. You can find the nearest CVS Pharmacy location by using the CVS Pharmacy Store Locator tool on For all health emergencies, please contact your physician or local emergency services, as appropriate.

If you post to one of our social media channels, or otherwise respond or comment on one of our posts, you are agreeing to abide by these Community Guidelines, which apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions or other legal notices that are provided by us and/or the owner of the social media platform. By participating with CVS Health in social media, you agree to indemnify CVS Health against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgments, costs or expenses arising out of a claim by a third party relating to any posts, comments, likes, shares or other social media activity you have undertaken.

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We are always interested in hearing about how we can serve you better. If you have comments or questions, feel free to contact us via one of the methods listed on our Contact page.

Thank you for participating with CVS Health on social media.