Transform Health 2021 Water Goal


Promotion of water data transparency




Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Description of goal

CVS Health is dedicated to the health of our environment and committed to doing our part as a healthcare leader. Water is a material topic of “moderate” significance revealed by our annual materiality assessment with our stakeholders, as well as is important to our alignment with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as they pertain to water: Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 13: Climate Action; and Goal 15: Life on Land. Therefore, we are committed to water data transparency so that we can continue to meaningfully communicate our efforts toward the SDGs and our CSR mission to our stakeholders. Even though CVS Health is not a large consumer of water outside of the physical footprint of our retail locations, distribution centers, and field offices, we are committed to reducing water usage and increasing efficiency by first promoting water data transparency. We implement this goal each year by undertaking a water inventory calculation which is verified by a third party and reported in our corporate social responsibility report. This inventory accounts for more than 99% of water consumption from all sites in CVS Health’s real estate portfolio that are in our operational control.

Baseline year


Start year


End year



CVS Health maintains a 10 percent significance threshold for the water inventory calculations that we undertake each year. As long as the percent of retail square footage that we report consumption for is greater than 90 percent, we consider it a success. We monitor this on an annual basis and are striving to have 0 percent exclusions in our water inventory. In the reporting year, the water consumption from 95 percent of the sites per retail square footage was reported, which is a three percent increase from 2018 when 92 percent of the sites per retail square footage reported their water consumption.