American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE

Uniting Women to Stand Together Against Lung Cancer

Since 2014, CVS Health has proudly served as national presenting sponsor of the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative to bring women and their loved ones to stand together against lung cancer and increase awareness for lung health. Together, we are encouraging people across the country to support efforts in lung cancer prevention, early detection, awareness, research and support. Donate today.

While lung cancer is a leading cause of death in men and women, the rate of new lung cancer cases in women has nearly doubled in the last 39 years."Frequently Asked Questions about LUNG FORCE.” American Lung Association. By focusing on women, who often shoulder the responsibility of making health care decisions for families, LUNG FORCE can help to increase the likelihood that women will make healthy decisions for themselves and their families. 

Support Lung Health and Stand Against Lung Cancer

From May 5 to May 25, we will be hosting an in-store fundraising campaign for LUNG FORCE at CVS Pharmacy locations across the country. Customers will be invited to donate $1, $3, or more at the register. All proceeds will support the initiative. 

Customers can also support LUNG FORCE by purchasing a pack of Extra® Gum. For every pack purchased at CVS Pharmacy locations and, CVS Pharmacy will donate $1 to LUNG FORCE (up to $100,000) May 5 – 25.

The best prevention for lung cancer is to never start smoking, but for the 37.8 million Americans that still smoke, quitting can be difficult. The best combination to stop smoking includes a quit smoking plan and medication. Access discounts on quit smoking resources and sign up for Communities in Action for easy ways to create tobacco-free communities, a key component in the fight against lung cancer at

Our partnership with LUNG FORCE is part of Be The First, our five-year, $50 million commitment to helping deliver the first tobacco-free generation through comprehensive education, advocacy, tobacco control and healthy behavioral programming.