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Health Trends: Trust in Health Care Summer 2022

Public opinion has hit a critical moment. Where has trust eroded — and what can be done to build it back?

Trust by the numbers

What are the bright spots — and trouble areas — in America's relationship with its care providers?

Health care leaders must win back trust

Public confidence in health care declined during the pandemic. How can the industry earn it back?

Trust has to do with vulnerability. If I need your help and I can rely on you to be there for me — not just today, but in an ongoing manner — that’s a cornerstone.

Sree Chaguturu, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at CVS Health

Why trust in pharmacists remains high

Prem Shah, Executive Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer at CVS Health, explores why consumers trust his profession like few others and the potential impact on public health.

How do you win the trust of the underserved?

People pushed outside of the health care system mistrust it the most. But some approaches can build a bridge.