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Prescription drug savings

Helping our customers, members and patients save on medications

Male pharmacist reviewing prescription information in pharmacy

Addressing the impact of high prescription costs

At CVS Health®, we know that many people struggle to pay for prescriptions. Sometimes they choose not to refill a medication or take part of a dose, which can impact their health.


Company-wide, we’re committed to making prescriptions more affordable for more people. So we’re harnessing our expertise, proprietary tools and collaborative spirit to find solutions.  

Ways we impact prescription prices

From our side, there isn’t a single way to lower costs: We can work with insurance on bulk prescriptions or higher-count refills, check for alternative therapies or generic medications, and search for discounts. 


From their side, patients can lower costs by paying with Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). And taking medications as prescribed to help avoid more health issues — and prescriptions. 

For CVS Pharmacy® and CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy patients, getting a prescription savings review is as easy as asking or calling. Using our proprietary search tool, pharmacy teams check for coupons, look at insurance coverage and weigh lower-cost options. If they find less expensive alternative therapies, they’ll even reach out to patients’ doctors.

Thanks to our proprietary Script Intelligence engine, Caremark prescribing physicians and pharmacists have real-time prescription benefit information.


Once they see how much a drug will cost, they can compare prescription prices to identify money-saving alternatives. So far, it’s working — saving an average of over $100 per fill.

To help patients live comfortably while reducing unnecessary care costs, our dedicated pharmacists and nurses partner with patients to make sure they’re on the best medications for their conditions, that they understand how to take their medications and that they know what side effects to look out for. Our digital tools also help by speeding access to needed prescriptions.