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Victor Hendrix has lots of fans including a TV actress

August 19, 2020 | Heart At Work

Victor Hendrix, store cashier at CVS Pharmacy.

“Every time we leave CVS, I realize that one of the employees has taken time to talk with me and help me. I use these as teaching moments for my teenage sons. I point out that they can have a positive impact on others through a few simple words,” explains Erika Page White, a TV actress and stay-at-home mom.

About six months ago she met Victor Hendrix, a cashier in Store #6394, located in Brentwood, Tennessee. She says, “I couldn’t find my $5 coupon. I went to the ExtraCare coupon center and couldn’t work it. Seeing that I was stressed, Victor helped me. His calmness made me calm.”
Erika describes, “Victor is super joyful and so kind in greeting everyone. He and his co-workers have become a part of our community and this makes me feel comfortable.”

Store manager Sean Bock says, “Victor is outgoing, bubbly and never seems to have a bad day. He brings a smile to everyone’s face.”

Victor was shocked when he learned that someone tweeted about him to CVS Health. “He deserves the recognition,” adds Sean. “So we gave him a little party at work with balloons and everything. Customers know him by name, and he knows all of them by name, too. When Victor is working, the shift is always more upbeat.”


TV actor Erika Page White, pictured with her son, Justin, husband, Bryan, and son, Jackson (left to right).
"CVS thank you for being a light in our community,” says TV actor Erika Page White, pictured with her son, Justin, husband, country artist, singer, songwriter, Bryan White and son, Jackson (left to right). Photography by Daniel C. White Photography


Victor joined what has become the CVS Pharmacy family about 36 years ago. He was a cashier with SuperX, which was purchased by RevCo and is now CVS Pharmacy. “I was surprised to learn about Erika’s tweet. What she said about me is just how I treat everyone. It did make me feel good that someone took the time to appreciate me, and that my manager and team gave me a party in the store.”

Erika asked about the source of Victor’s joy. He explained, “My joy and caring come from my heart, from God and my mother. She was a strong believer in God and always told me to trust in God. She also said to treat people the way they should be treated.”

“We are big CVS fans. We use it as our one-stop shopping. From snacks for my teenagers who play sports, to beauty products for me, and the drive-thru is super helpful. We also greatly appreciate the follow-up messages about our prescriptions. CVS thank you for being a light in our community,” Erika concludes.

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