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Serving his country made him a better pharmacist

November 9, 2023 | 4 minute watch time

We honor veterans in the workplace this Veterans Day by sharing Michael’s moving story of caring for soldiers who lost their lives.

As well as having a remarkable 28-year career as a pharmacist, Michael Provost proudly served in the Army for 22 years. Michael recalls the extraordinary, and difficult, duty he performed as part of his job during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

“When the flag-draped coffins came home, I ensured they were treated respectfully and that families were cared for,” he explains.

One of several thousand colleagues at CVS Health® who are proud veterans and active members of the military, Michael is also a cancer survivor. 

“Knowing how military service affects not only those who serve, but their families, I’m better able to help my patients because I’ve walked in their boots, and I can relate.”

Thank you for your devotion to our country, and for allowing us the profound privilege of sharing your inspiring story, Michael.   

Heart At Work recognizes CVS Health® heroes across the country who bring their hearts to every moment of our customers’ health. Read their stories, watch their videos and celebrate our CVS Health Heart At Work heroes along with us!

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Patient 1:                                                      

“Thank you, Michael. You're a Doll.”

Michael Provost:

I've been a pharmacist for 28 years. The most satisfying part of my job is just working with the people,

with the colleagues, with the customers, and helping them through their day.                    

Elizabeth Everett:                                        

He has served as a pharmacy manager for several years, a preceptor where he has mentored and

developed talent within the market as well.

Susan Chisolm:                                            

Michael goes way beyond his role as a pharmacist. We take this as a working family and Michael is really

the backbone of that.

Elizabeth Everett:                                        

He's like titanium. He's strong and he can withstand some difficulties and challenges, but he's also like

velvet and he's very caring and he's empathetic.

Michael Provost:                                         

I was diagnosed with nasal pharyngeal cancer. The survival rate was 20 to 25%. Lost about 90 pounds in

four months. You have to reevaluate yourself in your life when you look in the mirror in the morning. I'm

feeling great now. I am alive.

Susan Chisolm:                                            

I think his priorities have changed more than anything. Kind of mellowed out a little bit where he was

real military type person.

Michael Provost:                                         

I was in the service from March of 1987 to 2009. I was with the Louisiana National Guard. I was called

up. They sent me to Fort Benning, Georgia during the Desert

Shield, Desert Storm. Later on in my military career, I was assigned as the rear detachment commander.

I stayed home and took care of the families, and I also had the opportunity to make sure that our service

men and women were respected if they didn't come home alive. I have the privilege of giving the folded

 flag from the coffin to the family member. My job is to say, "on behalf of a grateful nation." It's one of

the hardest things I've ever done.

Susan Chisolm:                                            

The military has probably made Michael the man he is today, and the leader he is today. He helped me

 through a hard part of my life.

Michael Provost:                                         

Our store manager, Susan, has a son, Chad, that went overseas to Afghanistan for a tour. The PTSD got

the best of him and unfortunately he took his life.

Michael Provost:                                         

My experiences with CVS, with the military, with my medical history, with the cancer, I can relate to a lot

 of people that most people can't.

Patient 2:                                                      

"You must be Air Force.",

Michael Provost:                                         


Patient 2:                                                      


Michael Provost:                                         

“They don't make 'em like that anymore.”

Patient 2:                                                      

“No, they don't. No, they don’t."

Michael Provost:                                         

A veteran meeting a veteran, there's just a bond there. You know things. You've done things that a lot of

people haven't.

Michael Provost:                                         

You see a cancer survivor, you see somebody going through cancer and when they say you don't

understand, that's what I could say, "Yes, I do."

Michael Provost:                                         

Hopefully I can bring treatment and care, compassion, understanding, and if I can pay it forward, that's

what I'd like to do.

Heart At Work® recognizes CVS Health heroes across the country who bring their hearts to every moment of our customers’ health. Read their stories, watch their videos and celebrate our CVS Health Heart At Work heroes along with us.

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