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We’re giving consumers more digital choices

July 25, 2022 | Innovation

A mother and her toddler daughter use a laptop together.

As consumer needs evolve, Americans increasingly demand a pharmacy experience that looks like their other retail experiences. That means more convenience, more personalization, and more digital access.

“The most interesting thing over the past couple years was just watching consumers take a different approach to health care,” says Michelle Peluso, EVP and Chief Customer Officer, CVS Health, and Co-President, CVS Pharmacy. “Part of that has been driven by the pandemic, and part of that is underlying trends that have happened in industry after industry.”

Today, CVS Health sees growing interest in its digital offerings — close to 44 million Americans use their digital tools, and there were over 2.1 billion visits to CVS Health digital properties last year. This inspired the company to expand and further improve its digital tools in 2022.

  • Consumers can now do all their shopping online at and pick everything up at one of more than 6,000 CVS Pharmacy locations within an hour, or have it shipped to them.

  • Consumers can now opt for digital receipts and coupons in lieu of paper ones — or no receipt at all. “We’ve heard a lot of feedback about our receipts from consumers — some people love the length; others prefer digital only. So, we felt it was critical to put that choice in the hands of consumers,” Michelle says.

  • A new digital health dashboard lets consumers manage their own health data — COVID-19 testing records, vaccination records, diagnostic tests received at MinuteClinic, medications — and provides a 360-degree view of their health records. The dashboard can also provide timely health reminders that are especially helpful for those with chronic conditions who struggle to coordinate and adhere to their medications.

Even as demand for digital options grows, consumers still want a mix of virtual and physical experiences, Michelle says. “We believe digital-first means making sure that we show up really well for consumers in the digital world. But at the same time, we make it seamless to go back-and-forth between our digital and our in-store experiences.”

And more digital innovations are on the way, according to Michelle. “For example, a recent partnership with Google displays available appointments for MinuteClinic locations via Google search, allowing users to more easily schedule care.”

“We’re adding digital tools, increasing convenience, and simplifying search to bring a new health care experience to your fingertips.”