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Health care management programs

Providing the personalized support members need to make informed decisions

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Supporting members’ health journeys

At CVS Health®, we know that patients are better able to get the health care they need — and the better outcomes they want — when they have personalized support.


So we’re putting members with rare, complex and chronic conditions in touch with specially trained teams and using connected technology to help guide their care. 

Our personalized approach

Specially trained nurse teams and support staff are available by phone and digitally to help members with rare and chronic diseases understand and manage their symptoms, use their medications properly and help improve their day-to-day health.

Our deep data and analytic expertise enables us to give members uniquely personalized care and guidance. Using connected technology, advanced analytics help us identify the best type of intervention — if necessary — for each patient and the right channel and time to deliver the message.

Historically, health care has been siloed and fragmented. Different parts of the health care system do not communicate effectively.


By increasing the use of electronic health records (EHRs), we’re working to ensure patients and their care teams have the right data in the moment. In return, we’re better positioned to deliver greater efficiency and, ultimately, lower costs.

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Number of adults suffering from chronic conditions1

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1 Source: Care management: Helping clients improve outcomes and quality while lowering costs. CVS Health Payor Solutions. Accessed May 3, 2022.