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Navigating mental health

December 8, 2023 |3 minute read time

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The importance of navigating mental health

Mental health is a deeply personal and important topic, yet it is one that is often misunderstood or avoided. As a result, navigating mental health care options and services — many of which are new and digital — can be overwhelming. It’s important for people to know how to navigate care options when stressors arise, and even beforehand, so they can continuously prioritize their total well-being.

Data has shown that Americans express concerns with their mental health yet do not always know how to navigate to resources to support it, according to a CVS Health® and Harris Poll survey. The data showed that despite more than two in five (42%) Americans expressing concern with their mental health, only one in 10 (12%) regularly sees a mental health professional like a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist or well-being therapist. There is more work to be done to increase awareness and educate people about accessible mental health resources.

Data has also shown that Americans prefer convenient options when it comes to mental health care.

CVS Health 2022 Health Care Insights Study respondents noted that convenience trumps all when choosing a care provider. In fact, 71% believe a virtual visit for mental health services would be more convenient for them. As a leading health solutions company, CVS Health is making mental well-being services more accessible, less complicated, more convenient and more inviting.

How to care for mental health

Mental health needs vary from person to person. Reaching out for help or getting support is part of every person’s unique health care journey. At CVS Health, we recognize that not everyone wants to or can engage with well-being solutions in the same manner. Whether it’s in one of our community health locations, at home or virtually, we’re meeting consumers where they need us and seamlessly connecting their care to provide a personalized experience.

CVS Health has a variety of mental health services to ease the navigation journey and provide people with resources and education.

Finding the right mental health resources

We’re meeting consumers where they need support — in person and virtually. Some mental health resources available to people to ease the navigation journey include:

Care Partner Model: One way that CVS Health is making it simpler to navigate mental health resources is through the Resources for Living Care Partner Model. This model allows for easier navigation of benefits because members speak with one person for support, rather than different people every time. A Care Partner supports members across the entire mental health continuum, regardless of insurer.

MinuteClinic: People can go to select MinuteClinic® locations and speak with a licensed mental health provider (LMHP) about their mental well-being. Data has shown that four out of five new mental health counseling patients scheduled appointments with a MinuteClinic LMHP in seven days or less. Support can include counseling for depression, stress and anxiety, among other things, and a personalized treatment plan. Our licensed mental health providers are located in the communities they serve and partner with primary care and large health systems to support screening, diagnosis, navigation and delivery of outpatient mental healthcare. MinuteClinic virtual care is also available in select states for mental well-being services, as well as on-demand virtual care for depression screening.

CVS Virtual Care: Virtual mental health support is available nationwide, seven days a week to Aetna® members with eligible health plans. Licensed mental health providers can provide support for anxiety, stress, depression and other life challenges, and psychiatrists are also available for a diagnosis and prescriptions.

Mind Companion: This is digital-first, mental health platform that helps Aetna members navigate and find the appropriate mental health support when they need it. This platform optimizes navigation while preserving choice and autonomy for Aetna members. It not only allows for assessment, but also personalized selection of care options. Aetna members can even follow along with their progress at any time and coaching is available to complement this, as well.

By focusing on preventive mental health care, as part of holistic health, people can be prepared to access resources wherever and whenever they need it.

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