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Women’s health care

Bringing our heart to her health

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Delivering personalized care

Each stage of a woman’s health care journey is unique. But many women are so focused on taking care of others that they often forget to take care of themselves. Women of color also face significant health disparities that create additional barriers to self-care.


CVS Health® is uniquely positioned to help women find solutions. With the support of our clinicians, pharmacists, plans and partnerships, we provide accessible, affordable, safe and local personalized health care for women. And we’re doing it all with heart, every day.

Supporting mind, body and spirit

From HPV and flu vaccinations to multivitamins, heart health screenings and pregnancy evaluations, our pharmacies, MinuteClinic® and CVS® HealthHUB locations support women’s physical well-being.

Women experience conditions that are either unique to them, including menstrual cycles and certain types of contraception, and more prevalent in women, like urinary tract infections and depression.


A convenient visit to MinuteClinic or CVS Pharmacy can help. Our MinuteClinic providers offer a variety of women’s health services and can offer a quick, affordable diagnosis and treatment plan. And our pharmacists can recommend over-the-counter (OTC) solutions when it makes sense. 

As they age, many women experience chronic conditions. But in some communities, it can be hard to get care or to understand treatment.


MinuteClinic offers over 125 primary care enabled services, including new women’s health services. Our providers can help monitor and educate patients about everything from chronic migraines to menopause symptoms.


Our plans also offer specialized condition management teams that provide one-on-one care and connected digital tools. And we’re partnering with local wellness programs to reach the underserved.

At CVS Health, we are focused on the importance of providing equal access to contraception. Many pregnancies are unplanned, in part because women can’t access or afford birth control or don’t have the time to visit the doctor for a prescription.


We’re helping change that. In states that permit it, CVS Health pharmacists can prescribe birth control and provide a year of counseling to women for a single, low fee. To ensure time isn’t a barrier, this walk-in service can be done in a single visit to CVS Pharmacy®. We also help ensure accessible and affordable medications through our mail order pharmacy and the more than 68,000 retail pharmacies in our CVS Caremark network.


Additionally, in MinuteClinic locations in 35 states and Washington, D.C., our nurse practitioners and physician assistants prescribe birth control as part of the 125 different kinds of primary care enabled health services we offer. MinuteClinic Virtual Care™ providers also offer virtual hormonal birth control care in all 50 states.

At CVS Health, we are focused on helping solve the disparities that drive worse health outcomes and harnessing our assets and partnerships to help make pregnancy safer and simpler for more women.


Our Aetna Enhanced Maternity program, for example, uses insights from analytics and a premier nurse care management team to support eligible members across their entire maternal health journey. And from a plan level, Aetna is using data to identify members at risk of preeclampsia, a complication of pregnancy that can lead to death. We’re also sending educational kits to pregnant members at risk for preeclampsia, encouraging them to speak with their physicians about the condition.


On a local level, MinuteClinic offers pregnancy evaluation and referrals to providers for pre-natal support as well as vaccines that are vital in pregnancy to protect mom and baby from serious illness. These services are important because a large number of pregnant people remain unvaccinated for influenza, Tdap and COVID-19.


In collaboration with Every Mother Counts, CVS Health and the CVS Health Foundation have produced on-demand videos and resources for expecting parents called Choices in Childbirth. This first-of-its-kind film series and resource hub educates people about pregnancy and birth options, helping them take an active role in their own maternity journey.

We can help with mental well-being as well. Services include everything from depression screenings at MinuteClinic to in-person and virtual mental health care and counseling at select CVS HealthHUB locations.

Disparity in pregnancy

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Black women are more likely than non-Hispanic and White women to die of pregnancy-related causes

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All women deserve quality care

Our overall mission is to make care more accessible, more affordable, more personal and more local for all people.

Joanne Armstrong, M.D., MPH,

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
for Women’s Health and Genomics, CVS Health

We're committed to bringing equity to health care.