A woman rides the bus with her daughter sleeping on her lap.

Hartford, Connecticut Health Zone

We are focusing our efforts in the 06106 ZIP code.

A woman rides the bus with her daughter sleeping on her lap.

Helping people overcome poverty in Hartford

In Hartford, we’re focusing on the neighborhood comprising zip code 06106, where nearly 60% of residents live at or below the poverty level. This Health Zone will support Black and Hispanic people who are unemployed or underemployed and who struggle to secure permanent housing.

We are working to support these adults in achieving their best health with programs and services that increase access to food, affordable housing, education and job training, important health screenings and mental health support.

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A snapshot of ZIP code 06106

Over the next five years, we’ll create measurable increases in health care services, nutritional programming, transportation, biometric screenings and vaccination programs. We’ll also leverage our substantial local colleague footprint to increase volunteerism in this neighborhood and coordinate with other stakeholders to secure increased investments in the community.

Hartford, Connecticut Health Zone partners

We are working with these organizations to improve health outcomes in the 06106 ZIP code.

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Attacking food insecurity in Hartford

Article - January 19, 2022