Workforce Initiatives

We enable our purpose of bringing our heart to every moment of your health through our team’s holistic approach to workforce development engaging longstanding partners, potential partners and future colleagues across equitable and collaborative lines of effort.

Through Workforce Initiatives, CVS Health cultivates skilled workers and quality partners aligned with our mission and values, invested in continued success and positioned to make a difference in their communities.

“As we attract new talent to CVS Health, we also help break the cycle of poverty for people who may otherwise continue down the road of dependency, which often spans generations. We recognize each person’s value and help individuals unlock their full potential through creative partnerships.” — Ernie DuPont, Senior Director Workforce Initiatives

Diverse and equitable employment opportunities

We initiate, manage and grow innovative programs, dynamic partnerships and inclusive collaborations to effectively support the CVS Health enterprise and the communities we serve. 

Connect with our team via email to learn more about how Workforce Initiatives supports diversity and equity.

A participant in our Abilities In Abundance stocks shelves in one of our training centers.
Several CVS Health employees standing outside of the Cleveland, Ohio Workforce Innovation and Talent Center.

Workforce Innovation and Talent Centers

CVS Health is creating transformational solutions to workforce development through dynamic community Workforce Innovation and Talent Centers (WITCs). Tailored to the specific needs of each community, WITCs incorporate education and skill development into effective workforce training.

See how one WITC is transforming a traditionally underserved community in Pittsburgh.

Military transition and community support

Workforce Initiatives collaborates with veteran service organizations and programs like SkillBridge to tailor employment opportunities for the military community. We are proud to support transitioning service members, veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserve and their spouses and partners. 

Explore CVS Health careers for military-connected people.


Two female CVS Health colleagues walking down a corridor.

Our core programs

To support our company’s growth, we focus on attracting and equipping diverse talent for careers with CVS Health. We have an entire team of colleagues dedicated to ensuring that youth, mature workers, veterans, and individuals with disabilities have a place within our company.

We inspire career development for young people, from early childhood to college, through exposure to possibilities, internships, job shadowing and more.

A female and male colleague collaborating in a common area at CVS Health’s headquarters.

We harness wisdom and experience from a vibrant labor pool aged 50+, who are starting later, returning to the workforce or progressing into new opportunities.

A senior pharmacist coaching an employee behind the counter at a CVS Pharmacy location.

We help individuals of all abilities to overcome boundaries, enable opportunities and unlock their fullest potential through mentoring, simulated training and advocacy.

A participant in our Abilities In Abundance stocks shelves in one of our training centers.

We administer national award-winning, structured training programs with the U.S. Department of Labor in high-demand fields.

A pharmacist in a while lab coat, embroidered with a red CVS Health heart, smiles while standing behind the counter of a pharmacy.

We engage purpose-driven veterans, transitioning service members and military-connected individuals to leverage their leadership skills and contribute to our shared mission. 

Connect with our Military Programs team


A couple hold up their baby while outside on a walk.

We provide opportunities for returning citizens to effectively rejoin the workforce and remove certain barriers that can limit their access to employment.

A man in an orange puffer vest uses a drill to repair a roof.

We convene community Faith-based organizations of every denomination to seek and support the most vulnerable populations by providing health, workforce, and educational programs to improve the lives and well-being of people in the communities we serve.

A woman writes in her journal from her couch.

We streamline access to employment through workforce development hubs with customized capabilities, ancillary services and dedicated community partners. 

Learn more about the grand opening of our WITC in Pittsburgh.

A view inside a mock CVS Pharmacy at the company’s Cleveland, Ohio Workforce Innovation Talent Center.
A male CVS employee sits in a meeting wearing a casual suit with a purple CVS Heart on his lapel and and sporting a very neat haircut.
A male CVS employee sits in a meeting wearing a casual suit with a purple CVS Heart on his lapel and and sporting a very neat haircut.