Our purpose | CVS Health

Our purpose

Bringing our heart to every moment of your health™.

Our strategy

Our mission at CVS Health is to take on many of the country’s most prevalent and pressing health care needs by understanding and acting on what consumers want and need — personalized, people-centered care that treats them like a human being, not a number.

Our Heart At Work behaviors™

We are customer obsessed. We walk in others’ shoes to improve the customer and colleague experience. We create an engaging and inclusive work environment where our colleagues reflect the diversity of our customers.

We boldly innovate to care for our customers. We act swiftly and adapt to feedback. We think big and are willing to take smart risks to innovate. We welcome different points of view and learn from mistakes.

We unite around our goal of serving the customer. We work across teams to provide the best care possible. We listen and learn from each other. We are conscious of our impact on customers, colleagues and the company.

We design for our customers. We continuously simplify by removing extra steps and innovating to create streamlined solutions. We focus on what matters most to our customers and empower those colleagues closest to the work to make the right call.

We work to earn the trust of our customers and colleagues by meeting our commitments and acting with integrity. We bravely do the right thing, even when it is hard. We speak up to challenge ideas and do so with heart.

The heart of health

Every one of us at CVS Health shares a single, clear purpose: bringing our heart to every moment of your health.

But this goes well beyond the empathy, compassion and care we demonstrate in all our customer interactions.

We bring expertise and care to communities around the corner and across the country, deliver essential products and prescriptions right to your doorstep, provide vital services in your home and put a wealth of resources at your fingertips

Bringing our heart to every moment of your health also means we believe in inclusion, equality and opportunity — so we’re not just present in our communities, we’re an important part of our communities.

Whether in our pharmacies or through our health services and plans, we strive to make quality care more personal, convenient and affordable. Creating innovations that not only help you get well, but help you stay well in body, mind and spirit.

Putting our hearts into everything we do means that we are always reaching higher, going farther and demanding more from ourselves and each other.

And no matter where you are on your health care journey, we promise to bring our hearts to every moment of your health, each and every day.