A smiling patient sits with his care provider to review his charts and care plan.

Public policy

Bringing our heart to every moment of your health

A smiling patient sits with his care provider to review his charts and care plan.

Our mission

At CVS Health, our public policy objectives are determined by our mission to take on many of the country’s most prevalent and pressing health care needs by understanding and acting on what consumers want and need — personalized, people-centered care that treats them like a human being, not a number. We help people navigate the health care system – and their personal health care – by improving access, lowering costs and being a trusted partner for every meaningful moment of health. And we do it all with heart, each and every day.

Transforming health care and addressing health disparities in the United States necessitates our participation in the policymaking process in the communities that we serve to ensure that the interests of our business, customers, shareholders, and colleagues are fairly represented at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our approach

With an unmatched local presence in communities across the country, CVS Health seeks to build and maintain productive relationships with legislators, regulators, and other government and elected officials.

As a highly regulated enterprise, we educate and provide practicable input to policymakers on the many areas of public policy that affect our business and our customers.

CVS Health is a member of industry groups, trade associations, and other alliances that amplify our ability to advocate on behalf of our key stakeholders.

Realizing our commitment

  • Commitment to public health: As a diversified health services company, we are also committed to helping tackle some of the country’s most pressing public health challenges. From COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution, to reducing tobacco use and vaping, to addressing social determinants of health, we have always worked closely with policymakers in public-private partnerships to better serve the American public.

  • Addressing systemic racism and inequity: Central to our public policy activity is our commitment to address systemic racism and inequity, particularly within the health care system. We have committed to using our position to advocate for public policy that addresses the root causes of systemic inequities and barriers, including efforts to address socioeconomic status, education, and access to health care.

CVS Health is delivering the changes that health care consumers demand.

We believe that every American should have access to affordable, high quality health coverage options.

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For us, it is about meeting people where they are — in their communities, homes, and virtually.

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Driven by data, clinical insights, and a deep understanding of the health care environment, we create solutions to help our members improve outcomes and lower costs.

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We continue to support the health care system’s transformation toward rewarding value for consumers, health plans, employers, and other stakeholders.

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We are committed to actionable transparency for consumers, members, and clients by providing clear, relevant, and meaningful information.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed our emphasis on health services as we have undertaken testing and vaccine distribution efforts.

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Our Public Policy Objectives

A pharmacist smiles as she hands a customer their prescription.

Improving access to quality, affordable coverage

CVS Health has a long track record of supporting affordable health coverage for all Americans.

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Several prescription bottles, a daily pill container, and a few pills atop a counter.

Lowering prescription drug prices for consumers and clients

On drug prices, our advocacy remains focused on what really is the cause of high drug costs: list prices

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A doctor takes the blood pressure of her patient.

Expanding access to quality-based care

Quality-based care rewards providers based on the quality of care they provide, leading to better care, better health, and lower costs.

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An older, masked man sits with a masked vaccine provider drawing a dose into the syringe.

Improving public health

Understanding and combatting public health issues and disparities that are unique to individual communities are critical to affecting change.

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