A CVS Pharmacy customer service representative swabs the fingertip of a patient.

Building healthy communities

In bringing affordable, high-quality care, chronic condition management, wellness, and preventive services closer to home, we’re helping to improve health outcomes for all Americans, one community at a time.

A CVS Pharmacy customer service representative swabs the fingertip of a patient.

A MinuteClinic practitioner administers a vaccination to a patient in an examination room.

Tackling public health challenges

We’re committed to tackling the most pressing public health issues in the communities we serve, including opioid misuse, suicide prevention and the COVID-19 pandemic. We were the first national retail pharmacy to end tobacco sales and we continue to combat vaping and to build the first tobacco-free generation.

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A CVS representative shares care information with a potential patient.

Addressing inequities

Our work to build healthier communities goes beyond direct care. We’re working to tackle the health disparities and racial inequalities that play such a significant role in our patients’ lives. This includes our recent $600 million commitment to address inequality faced by the Black community and other disenfranchised communities.

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A woman has her blood sugar level checked at a Project Health screening in Atlanta, Georgia.

Supporting our community partners

We partner with national organizations, such as the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association and many local community partners to improve access to health care and provide free health screenings and other important services, like housing and education, in underserved communities.

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A man in scrubs makes a heart shape with his hands.

Helping those most impacted by COVID-19

We know that some communities have been hit harder than others by the pandemic. That’s why we’re promoting greater access to COVID-19 testing in inner cities and communities of color. Nationwide, we’ve worked to make testing easily accessible for all, including schools, workplaces and long-term care facilities.

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