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Phoenix, Arizona Health Zone

We are focusing our efforts in the 85040 ZIP code.

A son rides on his mom's back outside of their home.

Supporting young adults and homeless families in Phoenix

We have a long-standing history of community investment in Phoenix. ZIP code 85040 is home to a large, diverse population of young families.

Our support will help young and single adults, as well as homeless families, obtain housing and access to healthy food and job training services. 

Due to the high rates of uninsured and underinsured people, we will work to provide better access to primary care and family medicine.


The Phoenix Health Zone story

A snapshot of ZIP code 85040

We will measure increases in access to health care services, nutritional programming, transportation, biometric screenings and vaccination programs.

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of people ages 25 and older have less than a high school or GED education


of people are Hispanic or Latino


of people live in poverty

Phoenix Health Zone partners

We are working with these organizations to improve health outcomes in the 85040 ZIP code.