Bringing health screenings to underserved communities

Now in its eleventh year, Project Health is bringing free health screenings to underserved populations.

The city names are different, but the stories are strikingly similar. Thousands of Americans across the country are going about their daily lives, not knowing they have diabetes, or that their weight puts them at risk for heart disease, or that their cholesterol is dangerously high.

Why are so many unaware of their health risks? The reasons vary, but despite record lows in the number of uninsured Americans, cost and access to essential health screenings remain a challenge. Now in its eleventh year, CVS Health’s Project Health aims to change that by offering preventive health screenings, including glucose, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and BMI evaluations, free of charge, to underserved communities.

"Project Health is part of CVS Health's commitment to improving access to quality care by identifying health concerns and risk factors for participants who may not have otherwise sought preventative care," said Troyen A. Brennan, M.D., M.P.H., Chief Medical Officer of CVS Health.

Identifying Health Trends

Over the past 10 years, high rates of certain treatable conditions among Project Health participants have been identified, including:

  • 53 percent were overweight or obese

  • 38 percent had abnormal blood pressure readings

  • 26 percent had abnormal glucose readings

  • 37 percent had abnormal cholesterol levels

In 2016, nearly $8 million worth of free health services will be delivered at more than 500 Project Health events in 10 multicultural cities across the United States.

Beyond Screenings

In addition to the health screenings, participants can take advantage of our personalized smoking cessation program and get information about health insurance options throughout the open enrollment period. Bilingual nurse practitioners and CVS pharmacists are on hand, and can provide referrals to nearby no- or low-cost medical facilities if follow-up care is needed. CVS pharmacists are also available to conduct one-on-one medication reviews and answer questions.

Project Health events are always free of charge and are open to all. More information is available in English and Spanish at