More than just a job

CVS Health teams up with Roca to provide at-risk women with career training.

When a group of young women arrived for the first day of a 10-week pharmacy technician training program, their future seemed uncertain. They had all become mothers before graduating high school, and had previously not been ready, willing or able to participate in job training, evening school or parenting skills programs. Then Roca, a non-profit organization in the Greater Boston area that aims to make positive changes in the lives of high-risk youths, stepped in.

Roca is known for its relentless outreach and its recurring attempts to engage young people in their program until participants learn to trust staff, attend classes and trainings, and start changing their own lives. When they reach the point they are interested in finding a job, Roca helps them prepare, learn basic job skills, and find the right position.

Through a partnership with CVS Health, Roca was able to place eight young women in our pharmacy technician training program. This was good news for the trainees, who face immense challenges in providing for themselves and their children, and for CVS Health, a company that has experienced tremendous growth in a relatively short period.

“With growth comes new markets, new pharmacies and of course – new employees,” says David Casey, Vice President of Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer for CVS Health. “To find the best employees, CVS Health doesn’t limit itself to traditional talent sources. Instead, a set of programs and community partnerships brings in talented workers from previously untapped pools to the world of pharmacy.”

For CVS Health to thrive, partnerships like the one with Roca are essential. We serve millions of people each day, and it’s important to have a workforce that reflects both our customers as well as the communities where they live.

“The young mothers we have met through Roca are passionate, hard-working and eager-to-succeed prospective employees,” says Jon DaSilva, CVS Health Learning Center Manager in Boston. DaSilva and the Workforce Initiatives team develop and facilitate partnerships with organizations like Roca. “The young women who completed the program shared personal experiences that help to shape CVS Health’s story, and make it a company in which innovation and talent acquisition go hand in hand.”