Aetna on Gender Reassignment Benefits

In 2015, Aetna will cover gender reassignment surgery in 33 Aetna plans offered to federal employees through the Federal Employee Health Program (FEHBP).  Aetna has FEHBP plans available in all 50 states. We are among the first carriers in FEHBP to include this coverage for 2015.

Aetna also is expanding coverage of gender reassignment surgery in many of our fully insured commercial plans outside of the FEHBP, starting in 2015 and rolling out over the next couple of years as we re-file our plans with the states. These services will be covered in accordance with Aetna’s clinical policy.

This change also applies to the new Innovation Health plan being offered in FEHBP for the first time this fall. Innovation Health is an exclusive partnership between Aetna and the Inova Health System in Northern Virginia.

Aetna has long been supportive of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Moving to include gender reassignment surgery in our plans is consistent with other changes we have made to better serve the needs of the LGBT community.

For example:

  • In early 2009, Aetna was the first major health benefits company to add gender reassignment surgery as a benefit for its employees and any contracted companies choosing to add it to their benefits package.
  • In the mid-1990s, we implemented changes to many policies affecting domestic partners.