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Advocating for the IBD community – on wheels

December 03, 2020 | Community

Photo of Cory Greenberg cycling on a road with a mountain in the background.

Cory Greenberg, an ambitious native Californian determined to become a professional cyclist, was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) at 22 years old.

With his professional journey underway, becoming an athlete suddenly seemed impossible – having to travel across the globe for trainings and competitions while managing a chronic autoimmune disease with no current cure.

But ask him today, and Cory will tell you otherwise.

Cory has a message for people living with Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis – the two debilitating, incurable forms of IBD – and their caregivers.

“An IBD diagnosis just walks into your life, and it has a huge mental impact,” Cory shared. “I didn’t take the diagnosis seriously because I didn’t want to truly accept it. Then, I reached a point with my condition where I couldn’t race, and I was facing the possibility of surgery.”

After starting on treatment, Cory’s condition and outlook began improving, and he shared how CVS Specialty has made getting his medication delivered and his questions answered simple – whether he’s in Germany, California, or anywhere in between.

Photo of Cory Greenberg cycling on a road with mountains in the background.
Cory Greenberg is using his career as a professional cyclist to unite a global community of people living with a chronic autoimmune disease.

Now, as a professional cyclist with an increasingly global presence, Cory is using his career to elevate the voice of the IBD community and empower its members to live their best.

“With CVS Specialty, I’m always able to receive the care that I need so I can get the message across to people all across the world that IBD doesn’t have to stop people from following their dreams,” he said.

Ultimately, Cory will launch his own campaign called “Ride4IBD,” where he’ll use cycling as a vehicle to demonstrate what’s possible and break down social stigmas across the globe.

To kick off the next era of his advocacy, Cory is hosting a first-of-its-kind IBD fundraiser via, a virtual cycling platform, for Crohn’s & Colitis Week (December 1-7, 2020). He is also partnering closely with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation to raise awareness and funds toward finding a cure.

“My personal mission is to build a global community of empowered IBD patients,” Cory said, “and I’m grateful for CVS Specialty, helping make what I’m doing possible.”