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The 2018 Aetna Story: Annual report shows how Aetna is making a difference in people’s lives

April 24, 2018 | Community

A photo of Bobby McKeehan, a featured member from Aetna Story 2018.
Bobby McKeehan, one of the featured members in Aetna Story 2018.

The call seemed routine: A member named Joanna was looking to resolve some issues that were preventing her from getting her nebulizer treatment from the hospital.

But Brittany Salter, the Aetna customer service representative who handled the call, sensed it was more critical than it sounded. So she worked urgently. She validated Joanna’s information. She said she’d get assistance from Aetna’s pharmacy area. And she was getting ready to call the pharmacy herself when Joanna suddenly told her something else.

Joanna told Salter that she couldn’t breathe.

What happened next – how Salter and her supervisor helped save Joanna’s life – is part of the 2018 Aetna Story, our annual report, now posted at

The report is filled with stories showing Aetna making a difference in people’s lives. Most of those stories are told through the eyes of the people we serve, and spotlight our core values and key initiatives.

Joanna’s story, for example, reflects the importance of our Common Purpose and Service Without Borders initiatives: our commitment to put our members at the center of everything we do.

You also will meet:

  • Bobby, who would not have known he had a deadly aortic aneurysm lurking inside him if he hadn’t been warned by Aetna’s innovative, personalized data analysis.

  • Jessica, an expectant mother with an opioid addiction who was able to kick the habit and give birth to a healthy daughter with the help of an Aetna neonatal counselor.

  • Joe, with decades of experience in public safety, who works with Aetna to teach first responders how to deal with mental health challenges – in themselves and in the people they protect.

  • Maria, Irene, Heather, Samuel, Sergio and many, many other Aetna employees who helped people devastated by a trio of hurricanes last summer in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

  • Volunteers and civic leaders across the country, with the support of the Aetna Foundation, who are fighting to make their communities healthier.

There are many other stories in there, too – as well as graphics, videos, links to other materials, messages from Aetna’s leaders, and highlights of Aetna’s 2017 achievements.