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CVS Health Live: Health care breakthroughs depend on inclusive clinical trials

August 29, 2022 | CVS Health Live

From COVID-19 vaccines to lifesaving cancer treatments, we need more breakthroughs in health care faster than ever before. Clinical trials are a critical step in bringing these breakthroughs to life, while ensuring they are safe, effective, plentiful and cost effective. Despite their importance, less than 4 percent of the U.S. population participates in clinical studies, and the process can be complex, lengthy and disjointed. That's why CVS Health Clinical Trial Services was born.

On this episode of CVS Health Live, panelists from CVS Health and Moderna discuss the importance of clinical trials, the need for greater and more diverse participant enrollment, and how CVS Health’s Clinical Trial Services is innovating the trial process to deliver better health outcomes for thousands of communities across America.

Moderated by Jessica DaMassa, Health Innovation Reporter, our panelists include Owen Garrick, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health Clinical Trial Services, CVS Health; Nicole Pickett, APRN, MinuteClinic, CVS Health; Jessica Perry, Director, Patient Centricity, Patient and Site Experience, Moderna; and Jameka Hill, Director, Patient Advocacy & Clinical Trial Diversity, Moderna.