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The rise of omnichannel care: Insights from clinical experts and mental health pioneers

November 07, 2022 | CVS Health Live

On this month's episode of CVS Health Live, panelists from CVS Health and Array Behavioral Care share insights on the shift to “omnichannel” health care delivery, and how this combination of virtual care and mainstream options together improve accessibility for communities struggling to obtain health care options.

Our panelists explore what health care leaders have learned from our shift to virtual care during the pandemic, and the challenges facing the health care industry as they help to integrate virtual care into the mainstream and serve consumers in more traditional settings where they might want to receive care.

Moderated by Jessica DaMassa, Health Innovation Reporter, our panelists include Taft Parsons, III, MD, Chief Psychiatric Officer, CVS Health; Creagh Milford, DO, MPH, Senior Vice President of Retail Health, CVS Health; and Geoffrey Boyce, CEO, Array Behavioral Care.