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By the Numbers: Addressing Community Barriers in Care

August 02, 2018 | Diversity Equity Inclusion

According to a recent survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of CVS Health, the majority of Americans tend to think of themselves as healthier than the overall population. Specifically, 63 percent of respondents ranked their own health as “good” or “excellent” while just 28 percent believed the average American to be in the same state of health and well-being.

These findings come at a time when a growing number of Americans are being personally impact by ongoing, chronic diseases. For example, more than 130 million American adults are living with at least one chronic disease today, and that number is projected to grow to more than 150 million by 2020 – underscoring the importance of helping to prevent and manage illnesses.

Individual Health Barriers

The U.S. health care system was built to provide episodic care, not to provide preventive care or deliver personalized care for those living with chronic disease. Addressing the social and community factors that influence health care outcomes across the nation – such as cost of care, access to providers, and access to healthy food – is important for stemming the tide of chronic disease and empowering individuals to take control of their health.

Although survey respondents tended to perceive their own health differently compared to the overall population, there was consensus around the community-level factors that impact their health outcomes. When asked about the factors that prevent them from being as healthy as they could be:

  • 60 percent of Americans say the cost of health care
  • 43 percent of Americans say access to health care providers
  • 43 percent of Americans say access to healthy food options

Strengthening Community Care

At CVS Health, we’re working to better coordinate and deliver care locally, and these insights reinforce the challenges we must address. We’re committed to providing Americans with more value, greater convenience, and additional support in making healthier choices in their everyday lives.

For more information about CVS Health’s efforts to improve access to quality care across the nation, visit our Quality & Access information center and the CVS Health Impact Dashboard. To stay informed about the latest updates and innovations from CVS Health, register for content alerts and our bi-weekly health care newsletter.