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Exploring the latest in health care innovation

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On the Healthy Conversations podcast, CVS Health® brings together health care leaders and innovators to talk about the biggest issues facing patients and providers. We explore new topics every month to help uncover the clinical insights and emerging technologies transforming health care.  

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Going digital in suicide prevention

In recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we’re re-releasing a two-part episode with Dr. Seth Feuerstein, the CEO of Oui Therapeutics, which is building life-saving digital therapeutics to help in the prevention of suicide.

Dr. Seth Feuerstein, CEO of Oui Therapeutics, in front of red background

Meet the host

Dr. Daniel Kraft

Dr. Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, entrepreneur and inventor. He is the founder and chair of NextMed Health, a program that explores the future of health care.

Discover the latest in health technology, industry trends and patient care.

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