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2018 Health Care Trends

February 20, 2018 | Health Trends Report

Download the 2018 Health Care Trends report, provided by Aetna.

Despite the United States’ position as an economic powerhouse at the forefront of the tech boom, our health lags behind some countries. World Health OrganizationWorld Health Organisation – Global Health Observatory data (WHO) figures show that our average life expectancy is lower than 30 other countries, including Switzerland, Australia and Canada. But the tide may finally be turning, with a monumental shift in how we approach health care, towards a personalized approach that focuses on each individual and all aspects of their well-being. Rather than concentrate solely on treating people when they’re sick, health care providers are placing a greater emphasis on keeping them healthy. Instead of visiting clinical facilities for the majority of their care, people are using technology to monitor their health and receive treatment in their homes.

Doctors, hospitals and health companies now have insight into all factors that can affect patient health – from lifestyle to income to genetics. And they are using that information to connect people to a wide range of health and social services within their communities.

The Aetna 2018 Health Care Trends Report explores the key factors driving this shift: New strategies that yield better results from our country’s investment in health care; innovative ways wearables could reduce spending on chronic diseases; the role of diversity in shaping a new health care system; how health companies can help conquer the scourge of opioid addiction. Read on to see how the development of these trends in the years to come can result in healthier communities, happier individuals and better health outcomes for all.