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Healthy Conversations: At-home care

February 9, 2021

In the fifth installment of Healthy Conversations, we explore the latest thinking and newest innovations in at-home care for seniors. Guests include AgeWave founders,Doctors Ken and Maddy Dychtwald, our own Adam Pellegrini (SVP Enterprise Virtual Care & Consumer Health), and health care futurist Zayna Khayat (author of The Future of Aging).

AsKen Dychtwald so aptly points out, ​“The baby boom is now becoming an age wave… Let's smarten ourselves up about how to deal with aging bodies.” For health care professionals, it will be incumbent upon us to do just that, and to consider the broader affect our shifting demographics will have on clinical care, how telemedicine will continue to evolve, and ‘the caregiver economy.’

You can find additional information about the new Symphony product line online and at your local HealthHub. An extended interview with Ken and Maddy Dychtwald is available via the podcast links below, or you can simply search for Healthy Conversations wherever you listen to podcasts.