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Celebrating our CVS Pharmacy Technicians!

October 18, 2022

Lead Pharmacy Technician Sue Josselyn pictured in a hug with Pharmacy Tech Nicole DeJesus

At CVS Pharmacy at Patriot Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Lead Pharmacy Technician Sue Josselyn steps out from behind a counter decorated with colorful children’s drawings and thank you cards; Karen Bell a customer needs help with a turmeric supplement. 

“When Sue changed stores, I followed her here,” says Karen. “I lost my husband during COVID-19, it was a dark time for me. Sue would brighten my day. She still does.”

“I like going home at the end of the day knowing I worked hard and I made someone smile,” says Sue. “Being a pharmacy tech has huge rewards.”

When the store opened in 2015, Pharmacy Manager Steve Fletcher knew he needed a strong staff he could rely on. “We not only serve Foxboro area locals, but the New England Patriots and all of their fans on game day! Sue has been my right-hand woman,” says Steve. 

As a pharmacy technician, Sue not only serves customers, she maintains inventory, fills prescriptions and processes insurance claims. Above and beyond these duties, Sue is also a certified pharmacy technician trainer. “She’s the technician trainer,” Steve proudly explains. “When we have new techs — not just in the district, but the entire region — they go to Sue.”

During the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, Sue also became a nationally certified immunizer, and helped get several clinics up and running. 

A fulfilling career as a pharmacy tech

Fifteen years ago, Sue became the single parent and the primary caretaker of two boys. She saw being a pharmacy technician as a position where she could help people, pay the bills and still be able to be a committed mother.

“There were times where she would ask if she could do split shifts, morning then evening, just to make sure she could be there for her sons,” Steve recalls. “But whatever her hours, she was always at work, working her entire shift. If there was something I needed her to do, she would get it done. My wife and I have enough trouble together managing our two kids!” he adds. “I don’t know how she did it.”

“I did miss a few sports games,” Sue admits.

Pharmacy Tech Sue Josselyn assisting long time customer Karen Bell in a CVS store.

Pharmacy Tech Nicole DeJesus, who walks by Sue on her way to the counter and playfully pulls her in for an impromptu hug, has plenty to say about her co-worker. “Sue teaches me everything, in the best way possible. “If I’m having a bad day, she’ll give me great advice. If I’m going line dancing, she’s in. She’s like my mentor and my mom.”

“Customers often say, ‘the pharmacist did this, the pharmacist did that,’” Steve adds, “but our pharmacy techs are such an important part of the team: pulling medications, stocking shelves, counting scripts. Pharmacists get the glory, but we couldn’t do what we do without our incredible technicians like Sue.”

On National Pharmacy Technician Day, October 18, we thank you, Sue, and all of our amazing pharmacy technicians, for your unwavering commitment to your customers, colleagues and families. You make us so proud.

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