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Motria Lusk helps patients find the best path to health

September 03, 2020 | Heart At Work

"When our patients are lost, it is our job to help them find their way to better health," says Pharmacist Motria Lusk

Ten years ago, Jennie and Eric Maike’s three-month-old son Christian had open heart surgery. They were discharged from the hospital with six prescriptions and were at a loss for how to give Christian, who has Down Syndrome, the correct dosages.

Jennie explains, “I realized the dosages were in milligrams, not milliliters. Exhausted and scared, I went to our CVS Pharmacy for help. Pharmacist Motria Lusk converted all of the dosages for me. I can’t even begin to tell you the emotional state I was in. Motria was my saving grace that day.”

With Christian’s health issues, there are many times Jennie’s been nervous about his medications or she needs help determining insurance coverage. She is so grateful for Motria and her team in Sylvan Lake, Michigan, that she has twice sent emails of appreciation to CVS.


A family photo of Noah, Eric, Jennie and Christian Maike.
The Maike family appreciates its CVS Pharmacy team. From left, Noah, Eric, Jennie and Christian.

In response, Motria says, “Jennie is my hero. She is so calm. She never complains and has tremendous courage. She puts a smile on my face.”

A few years ago, Jennie was diagnosed with breast cancer. “Again, I go to my pharmacy with a handful of prescriptions after my first oncology appointment. I remember handing them to Motria, she read them, and walked out from the counter to hug me. I tear up thinking of her kindness,” Jennie recalls.

Motria noticed that the combination of new medications would create an issue with one of Jennie’s current prescriptions. Jennie admits she had forgotten to tell the oncologist about this medication. Jennie adds, “If Motria hadn’t noticed, it could have caused some nasty complications. I know this is the job of a pharmacist, but the way Motria makes her customers feel is just incredible.”

Motria insists this is how she, Pharmacy Manager Helene Little and all the pharmacists and pharmacy techs at her store treat every patient.

Helene explains, “Motria is very nurturing toward our patients and our techs. We always explain to the techs why people may act a certain way and why we do certain things in our jobs. We are a team and a family.”

“When our patients are lost, it is our job to help them find their way to better health,” Motria concludes.

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