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At the heart of health

June 08, 2020 | Heart Health

We are working on the frontlines, supporting health care systems and delivering care to patients in communities across America.


Delivering frontline care

We are partnering with federal and local governments to ensure more people have access to testing and immunizations, bringing testing to over 1,000 communities. We have increased telemedicine visits by 600% and prescription deliveries by 1000% since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. And Aetna is supported thousands of our most vulnerable members, helping them find necessary health resources and ensuring their access to care.

Supporting hospitals

Together, we are serving patients with complicated illnesses and transitioning eligible IV therapy patients to home-based care, lowering the risk of exposure, and keeping more hospital beds open.

Serving communities

Together, we are putting our heart to work in communities across America, delivering medications to temporary medical facilities and making investments to support key priorities, including addressing food insecurity among vulnerable populations, personal protective equipment and mental health support for front-line workers and investments in community resilience funds.

CVS Health President and CEO Larry Merlo joined the hosts of ABC’s Good Morning America to discuss our expanded COVID-19 testing capabilities, the strength of our supply chain, and the company’s decision to return more than $43 million received through the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund.