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Improving the Infusion Therapy Experience with Coram

September 26, 2019 | Infusion Services

As health care costs continue to rise, payers, providers and patients are looking for new ways to help improve quality of patient care and their experience while lowering overall costs. One promising area is in home infusion care.

In fact, published research has shown that the home infusion services, like those provided by Coram CVS Specialty Services, can be safe and beneficial for those patients requiring infused therapies and in some cases can be a lower cost alternative to receiving the same services in a hospital or inpatient setting. In addition, the research has also shown that patients overwhelmingly prefer receiving their infusion therapies at home.

Read more about the benefits and value of home infusion care from Tricia Lacavich, Vice President for CVS Specialty Coram Infusion Services, in her recent article in Fierce Healthcare.