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Podcast: CVS Health driving better care with data, advanced analytics

February 18, 2021 | Innovation

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A new Leading Analytics podcast episode featuring CVS Health Chief Data Officer Bob Darin focuses on the company’s deep foundation of patient data and advanced analytics. It also highlights our efforts to transform health care in the U.S. by delivering care that is simpler, more personalized and better connected.

Hosted by Jack Phillips, CEO and co-founder of the International Institute for Analytics, the episode offers a look at how CVS Health’s digital and in-store care experiences are driven by multiple sources of data and powered by advanced analytics. These insights help CVS Health build a more complete view of a patient’s health and ensure we are connecting with people at health care moments that matter.

Darin talks about priorities for his team and CVS overall, including creating a cohesive data platform ecosystem, integrating the company’s data strategy operating model, ensuring interoperability to ease data sharing, and being good stewards of member, patient, customer and client data.
“As a company, we’ve taken a coordinated approach, working across the entire company to understand how to best leverage data, how to connect it, how to manage compliance and privacy issues, and how to ensure the data is accessible and agile for our business units,” Darin noted.

“We want to make sure that business leaders can access robust data, insights and self-service tools as easily as possible. Putting data analytics in the hands of colleagues making business decisions every day is a critical element of being a data-driven company.”

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