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Aetna Medicaid Launches New Approach To Integrated Care Supporting Children And Their Families

February 13, 2020 | Medicaid

New training model helps build strong and healthy relationships for children and caregivers

HARTFORD, Conn. Aetna Medicaid, a CVS Health company (NYSE: CVS), today announced the launch of its Child and Family Welfare (CFW) training model. This new resource leverages a whole-person, whole-family approach to physical, behavioral and social well-being for all children and families involved with Child Protection Systems. Additionally, it emphasizes primary prevention and early intervention benefits across a variety of issues.

"Our Child and Family Welfare model is designed to serve as both an internal training and development tool for our staff, as well as a program guide to support community stakeholders," said Taira Green-Kelley, vice president of Medicaid Growth at Aetna. "As a company, we developed best practices to help transform interactions with youth and families engaged in the CFW system, changing the way we view health care standards, while becoming more integrated in our members' lives at home, in school, at work, in the community, and throughout life."

Aetna's Child and Family Welfare model reflects its work and success in bringing together state and local entities within the CFW arena. In many cases, there are children who experience numerous difficulties, including trauma and toxic stress. These children are more likely to have learning, health and behavioral issues, and can be at a higher risk for premature sexual activity and adolescent pregnancy. If not addressed, the effects of multiple traumatic life experiences may impact the family for generations. With this model, Aetna employees and community stakeholders will learn ways to identify, reduce and address sources of stress among families, working to strengthen skills that help build stronger familial bonds and healthy relationships.

Recently, the State of West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources selected Aetna Better Health of West Virginia as the sole winner of the State's new program, Specialized Managed Care for Children and Youth. In addition, last fall, Aetna Better Health of Kansas collaborated with the State of Kansas and Department for Children and Families on a "Family Finding Boot Camp" a four-day training designed to empower roughly 100 key stakeholders to take action and create meaningful changes in the lives of young individuals. Due to the overwhelming positive responses from attendees, a second boot camp is planned for February 18 through 21 in Kansas City with an anticipated 250 child welfare professionals scheduled to attend. This work clearly demonstrates Aetna's commitment to both children and their families throughout local communities.

Green-Kelley added, "We understand the impact CFW services can play in providing more holistic care and achieving positive outcomes with members. Now, we may support and promote the health of children by customizing our approach to individual families with the assistance of network providers, as we look to implement a new future standard for managed care organizations across the industry."

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