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Here 4 U

April 28, 2021 | Mental Health

A mother uses her phone and laptop while her young children play on the kitchen table with books, instruments, and kittens.

Hey there. How are you holding up?

The last year has been unlike any other, and it’s okay if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed. It’s okay if you feel like you’re drowning. And it’s okay if you don’t feel like talking to your family, friends or co-workers about it.

We started Time for Care to reach out to people in this incredibly tough time. As part of this free program, we’re doing a special set of digital, communal conversations just for women. We call these conversations Here 4 U.

And because women, particularly mothers and caregivers, feel abandoned and betrayed by society and are experiencing an even greater set of challenges. We're also providing sessions dedicated to Black/African American women, mothers and mothers for special need children.

We all need a place to talk. And it might be easier to open up in a group of your peers. Past Here 4 U sessions helped uplift 18- to 24-year-olds, and now we’re excited to support another group disproportionally affected by COVID-19.

Any woman above the age of 18 can register for one of our upcoming Here 4 U support sessions by choosing one of the times below. Each one will last about an hour, and the conversation will be led by experienced experts in mental and emotional well-being. This is a great opportunity to share how you’re feeling in a safe, anonymous way, while also hearing from others like you.

We hope you'll join us.