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The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on Women

May 13, 2021 | Mental Health

Women’s participation in the U.S. workforce is at an all-time low due to layoffs and the increased burden of providing unpaid care. In honor of Mental Health Month and Women’s Health Month, this CVS Health Live episode focuses on the toll the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women, mothers and caregivers. Moderated by Cara McNulty, President of Aetna Behavioral Health and Employee Assistance Program, panelists include Dr. Joanne Armstrong, Chief Medical Officer, Women's Health and Genomics of CVS Health, Ashley Karpinski, LPC, Director, Behavioral Health Strategy and Innovation of Aetna, and Kimberly Belmonte, Vice President of Girl Scouts Institute, Girl Scouts of the USA. The discussion includes signs of mental health decline, initiatives and resources to support women and mothers, and the role that CVS HealthHUBs™️ are playing.